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Do you wear dentures?

Are they Loose?

Why is my Denture Loose?


A denture or plate is retained and supported by the gum tissue (bone underneath) as well as suction and adherence into the cheek parts of your jaws.  Over time the bone and gum atrophies, or slowly disappears leaving an ill fitting denture.  Removable dentures that move around in your mouth will reduce your ability to eat certain foods, and may move around at the wrong time like when speaking or smiling.

An analogy to this situation is to say that a denture is a shoe fitting on a foot.  If the foot becomes smaller, the shoe does not change size and will begin to not fit well and slip and move.   

What can be done with my loose fitting denture?

Dental implants can be utilized into the bone to support and retain dentures into their proper position. 

What else will implants do to help with my denture?

  • Restore your confident smile.

  • Bring back better chewing, speech, and digestion.

  • Restore or enhance facial tissues.

  • Give you the confidence in knowing that your denture is secure and comfortable.

What are other advantages of implants to retain a denture?

Dental implants will also maintain bone health.  Implants integrate with your jawbone, helping to keep your bone healthy and intact.

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