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ALL ON 4 /Teeth in a day


We know that sometimes life happens

Maybe you have lots of teeth, but they are uncomfortable because of gum disease, or maybe you are missing teeth and not able to chew the foods you want, or maybe you are not able to smile like you deserve.  Regardless of the reason, we are now able to help restore the chewing and smiling you have always wanted. 

This is a fantastic option for patients who have:

  • Severe Gum Disease

  • Loose, Missing Teeth

  • Extensive Cavities, Broken Down Teeth

  • Crowded / Poorly Aligned Teeth with Severe Gum Disease

  • Existing Dentures

How does this treatment work?

After we get a chance to meet you, take some images (both x-rays and photos) we'll be able to discuss treatment options.  From that point we will get more diagnostic images, then we perform the procedure with Anesthesia.  Following your appointment, you will have a new set of teeth with implants.  This will be your temporary stage.  Following a healing period to allow for your body to get used to the new teeth we will then get started on the final set of teeth (definitive restoration).   You will not go without teeth at any time in this process.  

How do I keep these new teeth clean?  

Once you get transitioned into your new teeth we will coach you and help you maintain incredible health for your new smile.  There will be some new things you'll need to do at home to keep them clean on a nightly basis, but it is not hard, and will help promote excellent health for your new teeth.    Do you already have an All-On-4?  We can help you keep it clean!  Find out more about our Cleaning All-On-4's

What are other advantages of implants to retain an All-On-4 / Teeth in a Day?

Dental implants will also maintain your bone health.  Implants integrate with your jawbone, helping to keep your bone healthy and intact.

Are you ready to get the new smile you've wanted?

All-On-4 Cleanings

How do I clean these All-On-4's?

Great question.  Certainly you know the main home care items, including brushing, flossing, and waterpiking, however because your All-on-4 is slightly different than natural teeth, you need to care for them differently as well. 

They should be best cleaned with these three items:

  • Electric brush (soft head) to use on the teeth (tooth paste is not essential)

  • SuperFloss

  • Waterpik with the Traditional/classic tip & the Fixed Hybrid Tip

  • Tongue Scraper

What about Professional Cleanings?

We recommend getting your All-On-4 cleaned professionally every three months.  Additionally the appliance should be unscrewed and removed for invasive cleaning every 1.5-2 years.  This will provide direct access to the implants to ensure health, or allow for any necessary adjustments to be made.  Every so often the little screws that attach the All-On-4 to the implants need to be replaced.  It is critical that we know the brand and model of the implants (Think Make and Model of cars).  If your All-On-4 was done elsewhere, we'll need to know the make and model of your implants.    

What is different about the cleaning the All-On-4's at Mondlick Perio?  

We have specialized devices to get underneath the All-On-4 in an implant-safe manner.  We do not want to scrape or scratch the appliance with traditional instruments as the All-On-4 is supposed to be designed to be as plaque and debris free as possible.  Over time, things can change, and it can also be difficult for some people to clean underneath the All-On-4, making routine All-On-4 cleanings at Mondlick Perio all the more important.  

Are you ready to get your All-On-4 shined up?

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