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Mondlick Perio is a periodontal specialty office focusing on YOUR oral health.  Specifically your gums, roots of your teeth, bone that supports your teeth, dental implants and aesthetics.  We cannot wait to meet you and help you achieve your oral health goals and help you maintain it for years to come.  

At Mondlick Perio, our patients receive the highest level of professional care, gaining great confidence in their smile and overall oral health.

We are delivering superior outcomes for our patients with their periodontal, dental implant, and aesthetic needs, before, during, and after treatment


About Us
Clean, tidy dental treatment room with cutting edge technology


All On 4 Treatment

We specialize in implants and your ability to smile, chew, and function the way you have always wanted.   We Even Clean All-On-4's

Dental Cleanings

We clean teeth.  Specialize in it actually. 

Regular Cleanings, Periodontal Cleanings, and Deep Cleanings.  Come in to experience our specialist difference!

Dental Implants

Replace your missing, broken or diseased teeth, bridges and loose dentures
(All-On-4 or Teeth-in-a-Day). 
Click here to see examples!

Laser Gum Surgery (LANAP)

The most current, least invasive, way to treat bleeding gums, bad breath, and loose teeth. 


No cutting, No sutures, No pain.

Aesthetic Gum Surgery

Gum Grafting, Gum Lifts, Gum Bleaching and a host of other procedures that will correct problems, enhance your smile and showcase your teeth. 

Click here to see examples!

Treatment of Failing Dental Implants

Sometimes implants get infected.  We can evaluate your existing implants and check the health of each one.  

Gum Bleaching

One of the more unique treatments we offer at Mondlick Perio.  Sometimes the tissue takes away from the beauty of the teeth.  See how we can restore that harmony!

Our Services

Cold Sore Laser Treatments

Cold sores are common.  Treatment with the laser can significantly reduce or halt the sore.  Click here for more info!

Sedation Options

Don't let fear or apprehension get in the way of getting the smile and health you deserve.  We have options to make you comfortable for any treatment.

Loose Fitting Dentures

Have Dentures?  Don't let poorly fitting or loose dentures get in the way of your smiling, eating and talking.  We have options to make your dentures fit better.



"BEST. DECISION. EVER. I’m so thankful I was recommended to Dr. Mondlick. He truly heard my concerns and wanted to fix them. When he could have chosen the quick and easy- not to mention way more expensive way, he instead put together a thouful and dynamic plan for me to save my natural teeth and smile. I truly can’t thank him enough!"

"This office is so well organized. They are friendly, helpful and very professional. It is a pleasant experience with top notch care."


"Staff was very nice. The office is beautiful and inviting. The doctor was exceptional, friendly and just nice he explained everything to me . I highly recommend anyone with a periodontal problem to go see him you won't be disappointed. I give this doctor a very high rating along with his staff"

Shirley K.

Craig M.

Paula P.

Happy Patients


Our Address

8671 W. Union Hills Drive #501

Peoria, AZ 85382 \\ Tel: 623-583-3960 

Practice Hours

Monday – Thursday 

7:30AM – 4:30PM

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